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Shorts, skirts and leggings must be knee length or longer.

Baggy or oversized hooded sweatshirts are not permitted to be worn.

Baggy or oversized pants or shorts are not permitted. Pants may not sag below the waist and must be worn with a belt.

Tank tops, tube tops, or spaghetti strap tops or dresses are not permitted.

All clothing must be size appropriate. No oversized or exceptionally tight clothing is permitted.

Hats or other type of head gear are not permitted to be worn.
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As soon as you enter the school building, phones must be powered off and be stored in your locker for the entire day.

Cell phones may NOT be used during lunch or in the bathroom. They must be kept in a locker - NOT IN YOUR POCKET.

They may not be used on a school bus or chartered bus without authorization.

If causing a disruption, or used at an inappropriate time, cell phones may be confiscated and students may be disciplined. Confiscated phones willl be returned to parents only.

The school will not be responsibe for the theft or damage of cell phones.

The school will not attempt to recover cell phones if lost or stolen.
Cell Phone Policy

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