Summer Academy Registration

SDMS Summer Academy Registration

After School Academy Session 3Registration is open through Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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M1 Mariachi Bulldogs Mr. Mundrick Location: Band Room

Do you want to learn to play in a Mariachi band? If yes, this group is for you.  We are looking for violinists, violists, and trumpeters who have playing experience and students who want to play guitar, vihuela and guitarron, no experience needed.  We are also looking for vocalists, male and female.  If you can already speak Spanish, that is a plus but not required. (The Arts)

M2 Just for Girls Location: A1

This class is sponsored by the Worcester County Health Department. This class focuses on developing self-esteem, abstinence, and character. The curriculum overview is available for interested parents. THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS TO JOIN! (Health/Wellness)

M4 Operation Hit the Sack! Location: B8

Mrs. Winte and Mrs. Bush in partnership with St. Peter's Chrurch in OCMD. Students will learn the skill of upcycling plastic bags to create plarn and then use the plarn to create sleeping mats for the homeless. (Service Learning)

M5 Journalism Club Mr. Shane Location: Media Center

Are you interested in current events and the daily happenings of the world? Have you ever thought you'd like to be a reporter or a newscaster?  If yes, THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!  Students in the class will learn the ins and outs of journalism from REAL journalists. (College/Career)

No Monday Class

TUESDAY CLASSES - Note: Tuesday is the meeting day for SGA, NJHS and Builders Club members

T1 Tuesday Tutoring Location: Media Center

This is a homework/tutoring center open to any student looking for a quiet place to complete homework, projects, or study for a test with assistance from teachers and educational assistants. (Academics)

T2 Grid Iron Coach Knox Location: GYM and Field

This class is only available to grade 8 students.  If you are interested in playing football at SDHS next year, we encourage you to join the Grid Iron Club! Students will get to know the coaches, the plays and the work out routine. (Health/Wellness)

No Tuesday Class


W1 Girls Club Miss Brook Location: A1

This class is sponsored by the Worcester County Health Department and is by invitation only. See Guidance if interested. (Health/Wellness/Mentoring)

W2 The Kindness Club Mrs. Fenoglietto Location: A9

THIS GROUP IS LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP. Every act of kindness has the ability to be life-changing. Kindness inspires. If you want to inspire others at SDMS in fun, innovative ways then we want you in the Kindness Club! (Health/Wellness)

W3 Young Men United Mr. Welty Location: E8

This is a mentoring program for boys in grades 7 and 8. Part of the time will be spent on creating goals, making good decisions, etc. and the other time will be spent on recreation in the gym. This class is open to current members only at this time. (Health/Wellness/Mentoring)

W4 Grade 7 Drama Club Ms. Johnson Location: Cafeteria

This class is only available to 7th grade students. Students do NOT register for both drama days. You must pick one day to participate - Wednesday OR Thursday. (The Arts)

W5 Trading Card Club Mr. Wilson Location: E-3

Do you collect and play cards like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon? Bring your own cards or you can borrow some of Mr. Wilson's. Enrollment is limited in this class. This class is limited to 18 students. (Enrichment)

No Wednesday Class


TH2 Grade 7 Drama Club Ms. Johnson Location Cafeteria

This class is only available to 7th grade students.  Students do NOT register for both drama days. You must pick one day to participate - Wednesday OR Thursday. (The Arts)

TH3 Social Skills Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Perella Location: A6

Being able to convey one's thoughts and ideas may be the single most important skill that you can develop in life. This is an invitation-only class. (Health/Wellness)

TH5 Math Tutoring Mrs. Green and Mrs. Lutz Location: A8

This tutoring class is open to all students who need additional support or help with math. (Academics)

No Thursday Class

Please direct all questions about the After School Academy to Mrs. Torpey

at 410-632-3401 or email

WCTS Does Not Discriminate